How To Make Money With Young Living Essential Oils

Have you ever thought about starting your own business?

Could you use a little extra money throughout the month?

How about a business that consists of being able to work from home, create your own hours, and be able to do as much and as little as you want to?

With Young Living, when you sign up as a WHOLESALE MEMBER (you want to sign up as a wholesale member as you get 24% off of retail... WOW) so that you can receive your Premium Starter Kit. This kit is valued at $300 and you get to get it for $165! The kit is incredible and includes the following...

-Desert Mist Diffuser

-Premium Essential Oils Collection;

Lavender 5-ml

Peppermint Vitality™

5-mlLemon Vitality™


5-mlPeace & Calming®


5-mlThieves® Vitality™

5-mlCitrus Fresh™

Vitality 5-mlRaven™

5-mlDiGize™ Vitality™


5-mlStress Away™

5-ml2 AromaGlide™

-Roller Fitment

-Thieves® Waterless Hand Purifier, 1 oz.Thieves®

-Household Cleaner 1-oz. sample

-2 NingXia Red® 2-oz. samples

-Product Guide and Product Price Lis

-tProduct Price List

-Essential Oil Display Tray

-Young Living Lifestyle Booklet

-Essential Oils Magazine

-Essential Edge News

-Member Resources

This is HUGE!

But why Young Living?

-work at your own pace

-get friends and family involved

-be your own boss

-no inventory

-no selling

-you can stay at home and work

-you get tax write offs

-help others be inspired to live a happier and healthier lifestyle

I started Young Living Essential Oils at a young age. Around 10. I had anxiety so bad that it could shoot through my roof. I needed a change. Essential oils changed my life. These oils can change your life too.

So first things first...


Sign up using a wholesale membership, this way you get 24% off retail. Then, you can get your premium starter kit for only $165!

Be sure to watch who you sign up with, you are going to want someone who can give you a ton of helpful resources and advice!

You can join the team that I am now apart of! just use my link to get started! >>

The community that I am apart of has over 14,000 members! Members from all over the United States!

We have a beautiful community, local and online events, social media training, calls, graphics and post content, mentorships, private groups and chats, etc.! JOIN US TO SEE WHAT ELSE THERE IS!

You will also want to know about the best friend special! If you sign up with me, I will gift you either $25 back, or a $25 gift! (diffuser jewelry, roller ball set, reference book, etc.)

When you enroll a bestie, coworker, spouse... you will get $50 from Young Living!


Using your oils is key for starting a business, as with anything, using it brings attention to it. Use your oils everywhere you go. Pull them out and apply them and watch your friends and family question what the heck that awesome smell is!

Be sure to share testimonials as to how these oils have changed your life! In the premium starter kit, there are cute little booklets that tell you all about the oils and how they are supposed to be used! Educate yourself first, so that you can educate others!


I know that this might sound scary, but trust me, when you get going talking about the oils, you will completely lose thought that you are actually leading a group! Start out small, a few friends, maybe just some family. Then, you will get more comfortable to have online classes, and then big groups of in person meetings! Be sure you know all about the oils before you teach a class. These people are coming to you to learn, so be sure you can teach them!

When you join our team, we have tons of helpful resources that will guide you in the right direction toward leading a successful class or group! Young Living also has some great resources in the Virtual Office that guide you in great business building.

Teaching classes gets people to sign up through you. Because they are interested in what you have to say, they are going to want to learn through you, therefore sign up under you. This is how you earn commission. You do not have to stock up on every essential oil, you just need to tell others about the oils, so they will want to get them themselves!

If you are not yet comfortable with classes, start out by making DIY's with your oils. Then, you can share about your oils this way!


Are you ready for the fun part?


So, you have your meetings and classes planned, and you sign someone up. You get $50 from Young Living, then...

-$25 from the starter kit bonus

-and then 25% commission for the first 3 months of the fast start bonus.

If you sign a friend up with a Premium Starter Kit, you earn $50. If that friend orders again in 2-3 months, then you are going to earn 25% commissions on any order that they place. Then, you earn 10% commissions on anyone your new person signs up too.

Now, in order to earn this income, you yourself need to spend 50 PV a month. But don't worry, with the essential rewards program, spending 50 PV makes it all worth it! You can accumulate points to earn free oils and or products!

I always recommend having your friends or family sign up using wholesale, for if they sign up with a retail membership, you do not earn residual income. But, wholesale is better anyways for you get 24% off the original price of the oils.

So, are you ready to get started? Use my link to sign up with my awesome group and I to learn even more about what these awesome oils can do for you and your friends and family!

In a nutshell, starting your own Young Living Business can be quite a lot of work. You have to get your oils out there, lead groups and classes, and be ENGAGED!

So engage yourself with your oils, so that you can connect with others through them!

Feel free to contact me with any questions that you might have! >





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