Recognize (R.R.R. 3 part series)

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

Hey guys! Welcome to my first OFFICIAL blog post! I am very excited and hopeful to get this started.

Before I begin, I was hoping to get a Thanksgiving blog up, but you know there was just way to much cooking and cleaning for me to do to also try to fit in my writing. (Your girl needs A LOT of time for this stuff). Any who, I hope that you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving, and as I know, this time of year is not always the most joyful time of year for many as some may have struggled from losing a loved one, or this time of year just brings up some sadness and anxiety. But, my love and support goes to those less fortunate than I am. May your hearts be filled with peace and serenity, and know that you are loved, even if it is by someone you do not know or see.

For my ones who struggle with the food aspect at this time of year, I do have some tips to share for THRIVING through the rest of the holiday season! (I will be sure to make time for a Christmas Tool Kit blog that will be a guide for enjoying yourself through the Christmas season) Again, ANY WHO! Let's get started with some tips!

* Your values are not food based, meaning, your true value of human life does not come from the food you eat. As someone who has struggled with an eating disorder, this has been a very important thing for me to learn and put into action through my life in recovery. The attachment that I used to put on food was so extreme that it lead me to believe that the amount of food that I ate was how much I was worth. I did not want to be worth anything, to anyone, or anything. So, the anxiety that I felt on a daily basis drove me to eat as little as possible, so that I could just disappear. SO DEPRESSING I KNOW! BuT, ThErE iS HOPE!

It comes from detaching this thought and placing it in something that you want to disappear (like the eating disorder). I learned that I do have a PURPOSE. I can live joyfully and freely without placing any type of emotion or thought on my body and connecting it to the food that I eat. I do have value that comes for my core values, not from the food that I am eating.

And this is the same for anyone, especially for those that struggle with food.

So, eat what you like, without placing any attachment on how it may makes your EATING DISORDER feel. Because we do not care about that anymore right friends?

*Next tip!

If you struggle with intuitively portioning your food or just intuitive eating period, this is a great tip when dishing up your food.

Pretend that you are making your food for someone you deeply care for.

What are things that they thoroughly enjoy? What are foods that you think they would want more of? Would you want to deprive them of any food?

So, why would you need to deprive yourself of any food?

Care for yourself like you care for others. Be gentle, show grace, compassion, and love. Take care of yourself, because you deserve to.

*The last thing that I want to touch on is FULLNESS. Oh yes, the very thing that I used to hate, NOW I FREAKING LOVE! YES, It is possible to recover!

So, what are some thoughts that you have on fullness? Good, negative, bad, positive thoughts?

Fullness is a GOOD THING.

Fullness is a sign that you have FULFILLED your body's true needs.

Fullness means that you did not deprive yourself of any key nutrients so that you will not have to think about what you should have eaten more or what you did not allow yourself to eat. This is key for recovery, because I know that if I deprive myself of my cravings, I AM CONSTANTLY THINKING ABOUT FOOD! And this is something that I am trying not to do. So what do I do, I allow myself to get full, enjoy being full, combat any negative feelings I have towards being full. AND SIMPLY EMBRACE IT!

(This has come with a lot of practice in recovery, so be gentle with your process of accepting fullness, because everyone's journey is different).

So those are some tips that I have on THRIVING through your holiday season, and more tips will come as the year comes to an end! But now, let's get to the real stuff that this blog is about!

This is going to be a three part series.


In which the first R is recognize! (To make it fun, leave some comments with ideas about what the other R'S stand for).



>What do you think of when you think of this word and the forms in which the word can be used?

To me, the first thing that usually comes to my mind is remembering someone or something from once knowing or seeing them. Another thing that I think of is validating something that I have done through confession, approval, praise, improvement, and acknowledgement.

Do you ever deny something that you should confess to?

Do you think it is important to recognize the good and bad things that you may do in your life?

Recognizing the things that we do that are both good and bad is a VERY important part of living life fully.

In order to start Fulfilling Your Truth, we need to first understand what recognizing does in our life. When you have things in your life that hinder your ability to fulfill your truth, it is imperative that we are fully able to recognize those things, so that we can move on to the next step towards vitality and recovery. Whether you struggle with an eating disorder, or you are stuck in an unhealthy relationship, recognition comes before denial. We have a tendency to deny the things we do that are harmful to us or those around us. When we are stuck in a state of mind that is fueled with addiction, we do not see the need to confess to our wrongdoing.

This does not have to only be in recovery, but it can be as simple as constantly wanting to be right, or constantly wanting to prove people wrong, jealousy, insecurity, and so on. If we never confess to the things that hinder fulfilling our truth, how will we ever fulfill it?

So, with that being said, it is also imperative to recognize the things in our life that we do right. (I am not saying that there is a right and wrong way of life, but maybe they are things that are better than the things we do that are harmful).

When you are constantly thriving to learn and create, pave, and make way for a sustainable life, you NEED to praise yourself for doing so. You NEED to RECOGNIZE that the good you are doing is what is leading you to fulfill your truth.

>By recognizing rather than denying, we differentiate between the things that make us thrive and the things that lead us to believe we are hanging on only to survive. <

** So what am I really saying **

I am saying that to fulfill your truth, recognition comes first. We need to allow ourselves to let go of the things that we want to be in denial about. When I was really into my eating disorder, I was in full blown denial that there was ever anything wrong with me at all. It was because I was scared to let it go. I was scared of how I was going to live without it once I confessed it was there. And yes it is scary, but after years and years of pushing through that pain, I have now made it out to the other side.



Recovery is a whole new world.

Recovery means letting go of the old to move onto the new. (woah original Tori)

Recovery, of any sort, whether it is recovery from constantly being jealous of someone or recovery from addiction, it ALL STARTS WITH RECOGNITION.

So, I challenge you today, to recognize something in your life that hinders your ability to see clearly in fulfilling your truth, and recognize something that is leading you to fulfill your truth.

Once you do this, you all will be ready for the next step!

You've got this friends, keep going, keep fighting, start recognizing.

Because together we will change the world one mind, one body, and one soul at a time

-Tori Kay-



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